Ready For Whatever

Do not allow the uncertain distresses of life to deflect your joy in Christ (Phi 1:12-14,19-27; 2:17,23,24) #Surendered #Ready,17,23-24.nlt


The value of this letter to the Philippian church reveals the disposition of Paul as he faces the uncertainty of his life and mission. Will he die or will he remain in prison for life. Or maybe he will be released, acquitted of all charges as an insurrectionist. Paul will joyfully accept whatever the Lord has for him.

In the military one has a footlocker and in it is basically everything one would need for an immediate deployment. The saying goes, “Ready to stay in definitely; packed to leave on a moment’s notice.” This is Paul’s state of mind in complete surrender to the Lord’s will. Lord, may the uncertainty of the distresses in my life never deflect the joy of knowing in serving you.

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