Get Your “Spur On”

Thoughtfully consider how you might encourage others every day (Heb 10:24,25) #SpurOn #LoveAndGoodDeeds

Joe Gary – Friend and Arena Pastor, Top Hand Cowboy Church, Encourages Daughter, Briley, as Son Luke Looks On; Photo by wife, Stacie.


Day 4 of 40 Days of Prayer For Family & Friends – Lord, surround my family and friends with a spirit of love and good deeds. Who does not need a regular word of encouragement? “Spur one another on“ (NIV). The idea in this Scripture is to stir up, encourage, provoke, motivate others around you. Especially strive to “spur on” those with whom we share faith in the Lord Jesus.

“Spur On” [motivate] to what? To do love and good deeds. Today our country is experiencing much provocation toward cynicism, skepticism and distrust. We need to hear, in a big way, from those in the faith who express genuine encouragement of others. Lord, I want to be the kind of friend and brother that motivates others toward love and acts of kindness. I want to get my “Spur On.”

2 thoughts on “Get Your “Spur On”

  1. ********************************************************* I am sending some encouragement that we received this Christmas season.

    We Love Christmas and we LOVE precious Jesus! Every year Clay loves decorating with lights outside, he climbs the latters and he goes on the roof, I am a Christmas designer choosing colors and building trees out of tomato plant stands and lots of green lights.

    This past year 2020 we wanted it to be even more special all pointing to Christ Jesus’ birth. Clay built a large barn out of lattice and places three of the lighted Christmas trees in the barn behind Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And I found some snowflake lights that we put on the edges of the barn.

    One morning when I looked out the window, I saw a sign that we were Park Glen holiday winners for our neighborhood. Later we found out that the judges really loved the nativity, the barn and the snowflakes. I was so touched that the judges chose Jesus. Oh, how we all need Jesus.

    2020 was a very difficult year for everyone and sharing the birth of Jesus was our hope to encourage and share the greatest love of all. And the judges received the message. And I pray that many others received the love of Jesus this past Christmas season. (Thank You Jesus for loving us.)

    May God bless you and encourage you today, Deanne

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