“Sail On”

Leaving the past behind trust in God for all that lies ahead (Acts 21:1-6). #SailOn https://www.bible.com/116/act.21.1-6.nlt


These verses in Acts seem to reveal not much. Paul and his companions get on a ship sailing to Phoenicia. They stop in Tyre to unload and reload cargo. Paul is there a week staying with friends, believers (they warn him not to go to Jerusalem). Paul is determined to press on. He returns to the ship. “Sail On.”

I am arrested by what happens next. The entire congregation of believers, friends, turn out at that the loading docks to bid farewell to Paul. He is headed for Jerusalem in spite of the warnings not to go. They all knelt down right there and prayed. They said farewell and Paul got on board and left. “Sail On.”

Lord, no matter what lies ahead of me I will pray trusting in you, lean on good friends and “Sail On.” New day, new month, new year. “Sail On!

One of my all-time favorite gospel groups is The Imperials. Years ago they recorded the popular gospel song, “Sail On.“ The lyrics are written here for you. Enjoy the Sail On video with the Imperials.

Sail on. When the water gets high

Sail on. When the wind starts to die

Sail on. It’s just a matter of minutes till His ship comes to get us and we’ll all get in it.

When we’re all born, We set out to sea, Looking for answers continuously. Then when we find out, To Him we belong, We watch for the signs And keep sailing on.

Cast up your sails, And let the wind blow; Jesus will never, Let your ship lose control. Just keep your compass set on the Son, And He’ll guide you safely, To His beautiful Home.


We can’t afford to throw our lives, To the wind, To the wind. We’ve got the Lord, In control of our ship, And He’ll guide us safely in. He’ll guide us in.

Sail on..

(Songwriters: Smith Lon Christian)

Sail On video https://youtu.be/3j8z_XU_3WY

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