Life, Hope Spoken Here

You may anticipate the Lord of Glory entering into your life with power (Isa 30:23-26). #JesusLordOfGlory #JesusNowAndForever


What is true for God’s people in ancient days is true today and at the end of time as we know it. All of God’s enemies, not just the Assyrians against Judah, will be annihilated. The world order will be reassembled according to God’s order. Now is the time to trust in him as Savior.

In the beginning God created light in its perfection. In the end light will again shine in perfection. In between is a present darkness. In the end will come the rains and the wonderful harvests. Men will feast and eat (figuratively) before God. His people will be delightfully full of God. Lord, you have spoken life and hope into my life. That is true for all who turn to you.

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