Find Your Voice

Find your voice to speak of judgment and redemption (Isa 24:1). #Repent #TurnToGod


All of the fallen nations (Asyria, Moab, Damascus, Ethiopia, Babylon, Arabia and Tyre – Isa 14-23) serve as a backdrop for Isaiah‘s prophecy for end times nations. The fulfillment of these prophecies means that God will certainly fulfill judgment on all the nations of the world…and for the same reasons (pride in their wealth and power; rejection of God and idolatrous worship of man-made gods; gross immorality and cavalierly godless behavior).

Isaiah 24–27 describes a future time of intense tribulation followed by the ultimate blessings of the coming kingdom of God. The future of the world comes into sharp focus. Lord, make of this sentry a voice that elevates, sings out, the Good News of redemption in the face of certain judgment.

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