When Leaders Repent


Consecrate yourself to God; worship & praise him (2Ch 29:20,24,27-30)#DedicatedToGod #PraiseTheLord #WorshipThe Lord https://www.bible.com/116/2ch.29.20,24,27-30.nlt


Sixteen days after the Lord’s Temple was re-opened it had been cleansed of every defiled object (inside and out). The very next morning King Hezekiah had priests and Levites in their positions. Every city official was summonsed to be in the Temple. King Hezekiah himself led the procession.

Burnt offerings and sin offerings were made, consecrating the whole throng of leaders to God. Then there was a “joyous“ sound of praise and worship. The entire assembly sang, played instruments and read Psalms. They worshipped. How could the scene of repentance of leadership possibly be described? Only experienced. Lord, may our leaders (I myself) know such a repentance.

** I am encouraged to write the following Post Script: Eight hours after this post was published I heard Vice President Mike Pence speak to The Family Leader Foundation in Des Moines, Iowa. He spoke of a night in the 1970s when he, as a nineteen year old young man, gave his life to Christ. He told the audience that there are times when we feel God has abandoned us and is no longer working. But, he said, God is always working. We ought never give up, continue in faith and in prayers. He called the nation to, “humble themselves, and pray and seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways, then God will hear [as he always does] from heaven, and will forgive [our] sin and heal [our] land.” This is what it looks like when godly leaders call for and lead a nation to repent.

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