Personal Cathedral of Praise

Come, seek that place of personal praise to the Lord for all he has done (Rom 16:25-27) #AllPraiseBeToGod

Cowboy Cathedral (c)
Bruce R Greene


Reading Paul’s final words in the Romans epistle causes me to pause and reflect on my many weeks of journaling through this letter. H.C.G. Moule* suggests that these final words were written by Paul’s own hand as he sat quietly before the manuscripts. Imagine Paul sitting in silence, as all of his associates, friends, have for the moment, left him alone.

Perhaps Paul retraces the themes of this letter once more. Inspired again, he takes pen in hand. Then, with dim eyes and intensity in his soul, he inscribes a most wonderful closing hymn of praise to God. We leave Paul here, in his personal cathedral of praise to the Lord. I too, sit quietly in worship before this same Lord.

*Epistle To The Romans, “The Expositor’s Bible”

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