“Git ‘R’ Done”


Courageously face hardship/opposition to carry out ministry (Rom 15:25,31). #CourageousForJesus. https://www.bible.com/116/rom.15.25,31.nlt

Riots in Ephesus (Acts 19:23-41) had forced Paul (est 55-60 yrs old) to leave that city. He went to Macedonia. A plot on Paul’s life forced him to leave there. But before he left he took a benevolence offering for the poor believers in Jerusalem. He stopped in Corinth (Greece) temporarily. While there he wrote the Romans epistle.

Paul’s plan was to go on to Jerusalem (offering in hand). Then he would go to Spain to preach the gospel, stopping in Rome to meet these Christians. But first he must face opposition in Jerusalem by Jewish Christians who feel he is too influenced by Gentiles.

This Sentry’s prayer: Lord, may I be willing to face any hardship/opposition for the sake of the Gospel. Even if Christians misunderstand or wrongly attack my motives.

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