When God’s People Prayed, Revival Swept India

In1904 a little known man by the name of John Hyde left America to serve as a missionary to India. He was in a place the where the Spirit of God had been prohibited. A call was sent out for prayer. That call resulted in what would be called the Punjab Prayer Union. This union of intercessors, Prayer Sentrieslike us, was the forerunner to the 1905 “Sialkot (sā-âl-coat) Conventions,” where great seasons of prayer and Spirit-filled preaching ignited a revival. John Hyde, “Praying Hyde,”as he was called, and his spirit of prayer, was an inspiration to this movement of God’s Spirit.

From the book, Praying Hyde: A Man of Prayerby Basil Miller we learn that the members of the Punjab Prayer Unionsought to answer and succeed at five questions or principles. We too, as intercessors, as Prayer Sentries, ought to seek to succeed at these principles:

“1.  Are we praying for quickening in our own lives, in the lives of our fellow workers, and in the Church?

“2.  Are we longing for greater power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and work, and are we convinced that we cannot go on without this power?

“3.  Will we pray that we may not be ashamed of Jesus?

“4.  Do we believe that prayer is the great means for securing [revival in our churches and] spiritual awakening [in the land]?

“5.  Will we set [time aside] each day to pray for awakening; willing to pray till the awakening comes?”

Basil Miller goes on to say this: “Revivals have never been the product of [a] spontaneous combustion of spiritual forces; rather [revival] is paid for by prayer…So now in Hyde’s life, as the revival of 1905 was about to dawn, men and women were paying the purchase price.” Just as we are today.

Praying Hyde and two other men joined in prayer for thirty-one days and nights leading up to the Sialkot (sā-âl-coat) Convention of prayer. Miller says, “…that for those days and nights the Throne of God was bombarded in prayer by these three men. Men who had long ago consecrated themselves to the task of bringing spiritual life to sin-deadened souls.” Awakening comes when an investment of time is spent in cleansingand prayer.

Miller concludes, “The record of those thirty-one days and nights of prayer is closed in the Book of Heaven, for no word of them has ever seeped through to the outside. Those [intercessors] were not on dress parade. They went forth to battle with their only weapon [PRAYER], with as much earnestness as soldiers in any king’s army.”

I think it appropriate that another question be added to the five questions of the Punjab Prayer Unionlisted above?

Here is the question:

6.  Are we willing that no man know the record of our prayers offered on behalf of our nation and for the churches? Will we be satisfied in all humility that our prayers are offered in our closet, in seclusion, and for the eye of God alone?

Take this list of six questions/principles (above) into your prayer closet with the Lord. Over the next few days converse with God about them. Answer them carefully and honestly. Then watch and pray for an awakening of faith the likes of which man has not seen in this country and the church in over 100 years.

about them. Answer them carefully and honestly. Then watch and pray for an awakening of faith the likes of which man has not seen in this country and the church in over 100 years.

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