The Resurrected Life


Rejoice in a living Savior who died for your sin and arose assuring your eternal life in Him (Heb 5:7). #GodsPerfectSacraficeForSin #DeadToSinAliveToChrist


This morning I read the absolute most remarkable thing about Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane, the night before his crucifixion (Mat 26:36-44). Some say God did not answer Christ’s prayer to deliver him from death. Though grief stricken over the burden of man’s sin, it’s not likely Jesus would pray such a prayer. He was obediently prepared to do the Father’s will and die.

The truth turns on the Greek word “êk“ used in this passage. God the Father heard Christ’s prayer and delivered him [through or out from] death. Christ was rescued out from (êk) the grip of death by his resurrection. So God will also do for every believer. “Oh death where is your victory? Thanks be to God, he gives victory over sin and death through Christ Jesus” (1Cor 15:55-57).

Here I learn that Christ is a high priest who is acquainted with all my grief and sorrow. I also learn that Christ was the complete fulfillment of forgiveness for my sin. He died for me. Further, His resurrection is the reason I can rejoice in my deliverance from death.