Got Power?

Do not let greed and power overcome you (Isa 22:15,19). #Influence #PowerGrab,19&version=NLT


Enter Shebna, overseer of the king’s household. Isaiah stands down from his prophecies regarding Judah and Israel to confront Shebna directly for his arrogance. A minor point for me is why chronologists drop this incident here. It is hard to understand why various messages and prophecies in Isaiah are organized as they are. That does not however make the text any less authoritative.

But this isolated event is important. Shebna was second in rank in the household of the king. He may have been pro-alliance with Egypt/Assyria and advising King Hezekiah in opposition to Isaiah. He was a greedy arrogant man with self-promotion on his mind. So selfish a man as he, in as high a position as he, was an intolerable point of resistance to God’s will for Judah. Lord, may I not squander whatever influence I may have but direct it toward the good of others.

God’s Love Is Tough Love

Remember that God will discipline those he loves (2Kg 18:9-12). #ToughLove


During the days of King Hezekiah in Judah, Isaiah the prophet is active in his role as conscience of the nation. We are reminded of this in 2Ch 32:20–22, when Isaiah stands with Hezekiah in prayer against the oncoming Asyrian armies. God fights and wins that battle for Judah.

But in the northern kingdom of Israel, Assyria has already lead them into captivity. It happened to King Hoshea in the sixth year of Hezekiah‘s reign. Why? Because of their gross rejection of the covenant with the Lord their God. The Assyrians were used by God to bring judgment on his people. Isaiah will have more to say about this. Lord, your sentry would be lost without your loving discipline.

Mighty Fortress

Pray much, plan well, work smart, TRUST GOD (2Ch 32:1-8). #GodIsGreater #TrustGod


King Hezekiah of Judah was faced with insurmountable odds by the Assyrian Army. We already know Hezekiah is a man of prayer and strategic action (chapters 29-31). So with wise counsel he devises a carefully thought out plan of no small consequence (vv1–3). Then he communicates his plan and methodically carries it out (vv4,5).

Finally, he calls all the people together and points them to the only One who can save them. “Be strong, don’t be afraid – there is more with us then with them – we have the Lord our God on our side.” My take away from this is to pray much, plan well, work smart and TRUST GOD throughout the process. Father, you are the Mighty Fortress of my life. In you I stand as a watchman. “Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world” (1Jhn 4:4).