Not Going Back To Egypt

Put your faith in God alone for your security (Isaiah 31:1-3). #NotGoingBackToEgypt #TrustGodAlone


In Deuteronomy 17:16 God specifically instructs the Hebrew children not to trust in the nation of Egypt, not to consult with or trust in the power of Egypt. Egypt in Scripture looms large is a symbol of bondage. Nothing good can come of the believer who trusts in the powers of this world’s philosophies for help.

Instead God‘s people should look to God and him alone for wisdom and strength. One cannot trust the flesh or the philosophies of this world to provide guidance or security. Trusting in this world’s wisdom will bring calamity to believer. Lord, it is the joy of the sentry to put full faith and trust in you alone.

Help Is On The Way

Look to your past deliverance to know hope in the present and for the future (Isa 30:27–33). #HelpOnTheWay #TurnNowToJesus,29,31-32.nlt


The people of God have only to look to the history of how God works in the Old Testament on their behalf. He is devoted to his people. He will discipline his people and he will deliver his people. The example of this is seen repeatedly, as in this passage.

Because God loves Judah he disciplines her, harshly if necessary (vv12-17). His devotion to Judah is unquestioned (vv18–22). Finally, his deliverance comes as Judah turns to him in repentance. His deliverance is utterly complete. Lord, your past deliverance gives this old sentry great hope for today and for the future.